Temperature Sensors and Controllers,

We can supply a wide range of various types of Thermocouples

Thermocouples. Fabricated and mineral insulated construction.
RTD (pt 100) sensors. Fabricated, tube & mineral insulated construction.
Thermostats, including capillary tube thermostats,
Non-Contact infrared sensors,
Roller surface thermocouples
Melt bolt thermo couples,
Exposed tip thermocouples,
Nozzle thermocouples
Leaf style thermocouples, Washer Ring/Spade thermocouples, Pipe Clip thermocouples.

Temperature Controllers

West and other manufacturers digital temperature controllers, Preferences are not a problem,

The West 6100 (1/16DIN), 8100 (1/8DIN), 4100 (1/4DIN) series. Combine sophisticated functionality with built in versatility. Features include pre-tune and self-tune (with automatic or manual tuning), user definable PID settings and dual setpoint . A full alarm strategy is included with two soft alarms plus loop alarm and an inhibit option, as is fully security protection

The West 6500 (1/16DIN) series provides quality performance at an affordable price. It has a straightforward operator interface offering simple set-up and use and provides a fast 'up time' over a defined range.

The West 2300 (1/32DIN) series specification has not been compromised by size. The basic controller full universal inputs and a relay output rated at 2A as well as options for a second relay, SSR drive outputs or a 2-wire RS485 communications output.

Analogue temperature controllers,
Temperature indicators,
Voltage regulators,

Mechanical Relays/Solid State Relays

Din mount and surface mount, we supply solid state relays and mechanical relays for almost any application. Picture example is of a SSR 480 Vac,, 12-50Amp.